PulmonDB (available soon)

We are working in PulmonDB, a gene expression lung diseases database, created with public transcriptomic high-throuput data and manual curation information with an online interface for a quick accessibility.

Gene expression profile in COPD patients

Using PulmonDB we are analysing gene expression profiles in COPD patients to understand better the disease.

Past Projects

Alternative Splicing in TCDD exposure.

Guillermo Elizondo-Azuela’s lab and Paul Boutros’ lab

My project aim was to unscramble the alternative splicing effects of TCDD in C57BL6 mouse hepatocytes using high-throughput data.

IGFBP2 in hepatocarcinogenesis.

Saúl Villa-Treviño’s lab

I characterized the protein expression of Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein II (IGFBP2) during the develompent of cancer in rat livers using blood and tissue.